Einar Vollset, PhD

Mobile Strategy for High Growth Consumer Companies

Most of your customers are on mobile

I don't need to throw you some factoid about mobile adoption for you to know that. Like everyone, you've been watching as the percentage of mobile visitors keep going up. Fast.

As your customers have been making the switch they're starting to expect more than you're offering. They've come to expect engaging native apps, a responsive website and a seamless cross device experience.

You know inaction is not an option

Your analytics is showing you that conversion rates simply aren't there on mobile.

You've heard that native apps can beat mobile web conversion rates by as much as 120% (and even beats desktop conversion by 20%), and that people spend more money in an app than on mobile web.report]

You've seen incumbents in other industries lose marketshare as they're being outcompeted by agile, mobile first (or mobile only) startups. And you know that's only going to get worse.

So why haven't you acted yet?

A mobile strategy alone is not enough

It's never as simple as just hiring someone to build an app. Beyond the obvious questions like what to build, there's the fact that your technology organization needs to be ready for it. The best mobile strategy fails if it's looked at in isolation.

You need to make sure that your technology stack and organization is well architected and thought through. That your technical team's responsibilities are clearly defined and understood. That the right technology and processes are in place (no, having Dave from marketing push updates to the website doesn't count)

How I can help

I provide a high touch, advisory CTO service with an emphasis on mobile strategy. I work directly with senior executives (typically the CEO or Owner) of fast growing companies to:

Why me

Why this might not be for you

I only work with companies where I think I can have a rapid and significant impact, and where the pain of a failing or non-existing mobile strategy is readily apparent. Typically, my clients are readying for a significant raise, preparing for an acquisition/merger or getting ready to enter into expansion abroad.

As such, my services are not for everyone. In particular, my services are not for you if:

What people say about working with me.

“Einar is one of the best in the business. We've been super lucky to have him on board building world-class software being used by millions of people and would trust him to do it again any day of the week ”

Niket Desai, Google & Flipkart

“Working with Einar is not only productive, it's a joy. ”

Biz Stone, co-founder, Twitter


Great! I work with a maximum of 4 companies at a time and currently I have room for one more.

The first step is to email me at einar@vollset.com, and we'll setup a time for a confidential conversation. Note that this is not a sales call, but merely a discovery session to see if we're a good fit and I think I can help take your business to the next level